Deir al Oumara

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Welcome to Deir al Qamar, Chouf, Lebanon!

Born from the simplest idea to take the traditional Lebanese culture of hospitality, so deeply rooted in the Chouf people’s customs, and merge it with today’s most professional hospitality standards, Deir al Oumara was created as a one of its kind refreshing leisure escapade, away from the hustle and bustle of our beloved yet busy cities.

Deir al Oumara is a charming Lebanese mountain hotel nestled in the heart of Deir al Qamar. The edifice, originally built in 1827 by Emir Beshir the Second for his first advisor before being transformed into a boarding school in 1908, is today classified as ‘Historic Hotel’. This heritage is meticulously cared for by the key keepers of the property and infused in the guests’ journey.